General Questions

Do you allow pets?

No, sorry.

Can I arrive early?

You are welcome to call us the evening before you arrive to ask if an early arrival is possible. Although we often can arrange an early arrival it is not always possible.

Can I depart late?

You are welcome to call us on 9755 4016 the evening before you are due to leave to enquire as to if it is possible for a later departure.

Are visitors allowed?

We generally don’t object to visitors for a short period (ie a catch up or a meal), however as the Resort is a very uncluttered and private place repetitive visits by others staying elsewhere or living locally can compromise this. The facilities, including the play equipment, jetty, boat ramp and tennis courts are provided and insured for the use of paying guests only. 

Do you have caravan and/camping sites?

Sorry, No- we don’t have caravan and camping sites, we only have Villas and Chalets.

Can we ski, biscuit or jetski at the beach in front of the resort

No skiing, jet skiing or  biscuiting etc from the beach in front of the resort which is reserved for passive and safe recreation. The closest designated ski area is only 800m east (Busselton side) of our jetty on the far side of the large rock groyne. 


Is the Resorts Jetty and playground (including tennis court) open for the public to use


Siesta Park Holiday Resort is private property. All of the resorts facilities, including the jetty and boat mats as well as the resorts park area are for the use of the arrived resort guests only and not available for public use.


Booking Questions

Do you have a Wait List for busy periods?

Yes we do. We keep names on the Wait List for up to two months, if after two months we have not been able to offer anything we do cancel as people have often by that stage lost interest or found something else. People on the Wait List are welcome to call us every six to eight weeks to let us know if they are still interested, we note that and keep their name on the list for up to another two months.

Do you offer a seniors discount?

We do offer a 20% discount for a couple only who are over the age of 60 in Hideaway Villas and Park Chalets 1 bedroom all year- excluding public holidays and school holidays. We also offer the discount on the Beach Chalets 1 bedroom over the winter period again excluding schoolholidays and public holidays. Please note that the seniors discount only applies to a minimum of 2 people and does not apply to specials.

Do you accommodate school leavers?

During school leavers time in November our property does not cater for leavers or young groups.

This falls in line with the overall strategy employed by the community within our area to cater and care for leavers who are accommodated at selected properties that are dedicated and secured for this purpose.

Do you accommodate young groups?

During school leavers time in November our property does not cater for leavers or young groups. At other times we can accommodate young groups with relevant bookings conditions and a $200 pp bond.

What age is regarded as a Young Group?

As a guide, a group whose majority of ages are under 25, are unmarried and not in a family group, are generally regarded as a young group.

Are babies counted as people

Yes we do count babies in the number of people occupying the unit.

For any extra children under two years of age we don’t charge. For extra children two years of age and over we do charge.


Do you have fans or air conditioners?

Over warmer months we do have desk fans in each bedroom that can be moved around the unit. We are lucky to be in an area which has mild weather all year round. As there are very few days in the year that an air conditioner would be handy we don’t have air conditioners in the units. This in turn makes our park more friendly to our environment and also helps to keep the customers costs down.

Do you have heating?

The villas have gas heaters and the chalets have electric fan heaters. Over the cooler months our villas also have a column heater that can be moved around the unit. The queen beds in our 1 and 2 bedroom units have an electric blanket and one of the queen beds in the 3 bedroom units have an electric blanket.

The villas are the more comfortable units for our cooler months

Can we park our cars near the units?

Yes. All one and two bedroom units have room for two cars or a trailer/boat and a car. The three bedroom units have enough room for 3 cars- or a trailer/boat and two cars.

What cooking facilities do the units have?

All units have hot plates and microwave ovens.
The Treetop Villas, Beachcomber Villas and Bay Villas have conventional ovens also.
The Treetop Villa, Loft Villas and Hideaway Villas have their own wood fuelled BBQ. The Beachcomber Villas, Bay Villas and Chalets all share communal wood fuelled BBQ’s (There are two wood piles at the resort where guests can collect from- no extra cost for the wood).

Do the units have washing machines?

The Treetop Villas, Beachcomber Villas and Bay Villas each have a washing machine.

For all other units we have washing machines and a dryer at our communal laundry which is located at the back of the park behind the Hideaway Villas.