Siesta Park Holiday Resort Terms and Conditions



Arrival to Resort – From 3pm

Departure from Resort – By 10am

No early arrival or late departure in peak times, including school holidays and Easter. At other times early arrival and late departure up to one hour is sometimes possible and guests are welcome to call us on 9755 4016 the evening before arrival or departure to check.

Please note-

  • Early arrival and late departures are not available for one night bookings and specials.
  • Arriving and departing guests cannot be “visitors” to effectively arrive early or depart late from the property, which can create an unreasonable clutter of cars, trailers and people plus places undue pressure on staff etc.


For bookings over school holidays and other popular times a week or other stated periods are required and part week bookings may be unavailable. Saturdays are also generally unavailable as the arrival or departure day.


A deposit of 50% ($200.00 minimum) of total tariff is required to secure bookings for two nights or more. Full payment required to confirm one night bookings.

In the case of if we allow a booking to be made on behalf of another guest then full payment is required (generally we deal direct with the guest who would be holding the booking).

Booking adjustments that increase the total cost will require a corresponding increase in deposit.


1: GENERAL CANCELLATION POLICY      (also note Covid Cancellation Policies 4 & 5 below)

All cancellations (including reductions) incur a $50 cancellation fee from deposit paid and the “balance of deposit” is the remainder, as referred to below.

“Peak time” as referred to below, includes school holidays, public holiday weekends or any period for which we normally expect high occupancy.

1a: Cancellations made more than 90 days prior to booking date-

  • The balance of deposit can be refunded or transferred. 
  • If the booking was made more than 9 months ahead special terms apply – see policy 2 below.

1b: Cancellation made between 30 and 90 days prior to booking date –

  • The balance of deposit will be held but can be transferred to a replacement booking made within 9 months and in an off peak time – see policy 3 below for details.
  • If the booking was made more than 9 months ahead special terms apply – see policy 2 below.
  • Note that for Peak Time Bookings where the number of nights is reduced, the guest remains responsible for 100% of the original full tariff until a replacement booking is confirmed with another guest. Any final residual balance can be transferred as per policy 3 below.

1c: Cancellations made within 30 days prior to booking date –

  • The balance of deposit is non-refundable or transferable.
  • At the discretion of management a transfer may be offered, in which case refer to policy 3 below for details.


Bookings made 12 months ahead are only available via personal contact and reserved to re-accommodate repeat guests who are favoured. This special opportunity is most important and valued by guests with bookings in our peak times. For bookings made 9 to 12 months ahead- if any nights are cancelled the person holding the booking may remain liable for the original full tariff. If you need to cancel any part of your booking please contact us immediately so we can discuss your circumstances and what reasonable options we can pursue to achieve the best possible outcome for all.


A replacement booking needs to be taken within nine months of the original booking and the credit can only be transferred once. When considering dates for an alternative booking please be aware that they cannot be in school holidays, public holidays and other popular/high occupancy periods. In essence an alternative booking cannot remove any reasonable opportunity for us to make other new bookings, which may also mean taking a booking in one of our less popular units. Please contact us to identify any options etc.

4: COVID 19 CANCELLATION POLICY – instigated by government mandate

For any future Covid19 cancellations caused by any government mandates, we would review the severity and likely duration of the restrictions and decide on what relief we could afford to offer those affected and unable to travel to our property. We would always be seeking to be as helpful as we can afford to be with any special relief that we might decide to offer (such as allowing the deposit to be transferred to a new replacement booking in an off peak time – see policy 3 above) but we cannot guarantee what that would be, thus please take the General Cancellation Policy above as a worst case scenario which generally mean that a 50% deposit is at stake. When prospective guests have asked about this, our general advice in has been that if the thought of losing their 50% deposit due to a Covid19 mandate is too big an issue then do not make a booking at present and check closer to the proposed booking date for availability to minimise the chance of being caught up with a deposit paid up etc.

From our perspective we have to be careful that our business cannot be so badly damaged that it cannot be preserved as the valuable community facility it is, for a future beyond the Covid19 upsets that we are all having to navigate through.  

5: COVID 19 CANCELLATION POLICY – instigated by Siesta Park Holiday Resort

If we are effected by another outbreak/pandemic which causes our accommodation to become unavailable (in quarantine) or if our employees (cleaning staff in particular) were affected, we may be effectively be forced to cancel bookings and offer an alternative type of unit (if an opportunity exists) for future bookings. If this unfortunate event takes place we would refund in full or in part (in the case that an alternative unit is offered and taken and that unit has a standard tariff that is less).


The Person accommodating the unit needs to agree and accept all Terms and Conditions herin plus our Liability Waiver  which relates to the use of all holiday resort facilities including all play equipment and jetty. Although the action of paying the deposit is effectively acceptance, wherever possible the person making the booking will also be required to sign for their acceptance to fully satisfy our public liability insurers.


During school leavers time in November our property does not cater for leavers or young groups. This falls in line with the overall strategy employed by the community within our area to cater and care for leavers who are accommodated at selected properties that are dedicated and secured for this purpose. If a booking is made online for leavers or a young group over leavers week and the resort is not alerted then booking will be refused on arrival and deposit may be lost.

At other times we can accommodate young groups with relevant bookings conditions and a $200 pp bond. If this may apply to your group it must be mentioned in the notes area when making an online enquiry or booking so we may contact you to discuss your situation. Failure to do so may result in your booking being refused on arrival and deposit being lost. As a guide, a group whose majority of ages are under 25, are unmarried and not in a family group, are generally regarded as a young group.


Up to 20% discount available to seniors who are a single couple over the age of 60. ie: The discount does not apply to sharing senior’s couples or where seniors come with their adult children for example.

Available for bookings in 1 bedroom Park Chalet and Hideaway Villas in our spring, winter and autumn price periods outside of school holidays and long weekends. Also available in the 1 bedroom beach Chalets over our winter period outside of school holidays and long weekends.

Seniors Discount applies only to bookings made direct with Siesta Park Holiday Resort and not through other agencies such as

Seniors Discount does not apply to one night bookings or in addition to any special offers. 

To make direct bookings call 08 9755 4016 between 8.30am and 8.30pm WST or e-mail enquiries to                     .

NO SMOKING in units and NO PETS sorry


Where a guest transfer from one unit to another during the one “stay” the occupancies in each unit are regarded as separate bookings and priced accordingly.


At all times the unit must be occupied by the person who’s name the booking is held under. All other circumstances require a separate booking. Bookings made online must have the name of the person who will be occupying the unit for the whole period, their mobile number and email address will also be required.


It is our standard procedure to contact the person who will be accommodating the unit booked to confirm and discuss various aspects to clarify and adjust the booking if required. Any group bookings made must have the name and contact details of the individual people who will be occupying each of the units for the whole period. Correct contact information must be supplied and if our reception staff are not able to contact guests by phone the booking/s will generally be cancelled.


$100 minimum, Valid for 12 months, Not redeemable in cash


When special discounted rates are offered the unit booked can only be occupied by single families with young children or a couple on their own. The Special rate cannot be combined with other offers (eg: seniors discount)


Siesta Park Holiday Resort takes no responsibility for any guest property at any time thus if the risk of theft or a natural event like hail or a falling tree that causes damage to your property is of concern, we firstly suggest you place and secure your property to minimise any risk plus ensure that your own insurance policies are in order to provide you with the cover you require if an unfortunate event arises.


Park information and policies are available via the following link. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with any topics that relate to your situation as by agreeing to our T&C’s you are also agreeing to our Park Policies.

Last updated: 13th April 2023