Absolute beachfront with no road or cycleway to cross Siesta enjoys a seamless connection to the beach and Geographe Bay. During the summer and most of autumn the beach is impressive and the inshore water shallow and clear. Being a nature based property we take advantage of our fortunate location and the ocean is our swimming pool with many guests bathing in the inshore waters and jumping from the jetty is a popular pastime for the kids.


Siesta has its own 50m long private jetty available to guests for swimming, fishing and crabbing. Like as for the Play Equipment, before children use the jetty parents/guardians need to go there with them to inspect for themselves and then supervise or instruct their children accordingly. This is more fully explained in our Liability Waiver that needs to be agreed with when making a booking.

Row boats

Rowing boats can be hired ($20 per day) in suitable weather with no fishing license required as they are an classed as an unpowered dedicated rowing boat. Just fish in accordance with the normal recreational fishing rules.

Boat Ramp

Our onsite boat ramp offers the ultimate convenience to those with small boats while considering that it is a seasonal ramp operating from approximately October to May and is suitable to launch boats up to 5.5m with 4wd.