Simple Enjoyment

Established in 1946 by Ivan and Dulcie Tickle and their son Phil, Siesta Park is a proven and sustainable beachfront holiday destination that is still owned and operated by the family. We have always held our environment in the highest regard and our modern Eco Accreditation reflects this. The lifestyle and culture at Siesta has always been about simplicity and appreciating and working with the natural attributes that our beautiful property has to offer.

Wood fired BBQ’s

Wood fired BBQ’s are a very popular and traditional feature for cooking and modest enjoyment (fire bans permitting).


Peppermint trees and tea trees are prolific about the property and they provide many benefits including shade in summer and shelter from winter storms plus the native ring tail possums, tawney frogmouth owls , blue wrens, black skinks and various other birds and animals live harmoniously in the parkland setting.